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Jan 01, 2023

I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about WHY I do what I do, and why I’d like to help you achieve greater fulfillment, more alignment and a deeper connection with yourself, your source and your loved ones!

For seven years, I was a small business owner. My company, Sage Stone Malas, took me all over Western Canada, attending markets, festivals and retreats and hosting workshops in mindfulness, Mala making and the best meditation classes. The nature of my business was inherently spiritual, offering meditation tools and crystals, while educating others on the benefits of living more mindfully. During these years, I attracted such beautiful spirits into my orbit. People from all walks of life, with one thing in common. A curiosity about themselves and the world around them and a desire to deepen their life experience. I met many teachers, healers, spiritual coach practitioners and wisdom-keepers eager to share their offerings in spiritual growth classes and support others in their journeys. I met many seekers as well. People in various stages of their own spiritual and self-development journey who were interested in the benefits of spiritual healing and were eager for more

The work I have done myself over the last decade has truly been transformational. From stressed out, resentful, lost woman, I have returned to the essence that is me. I feel empowered, confident, aligned and so grateful. I live a very blessed life and am a master manifestor. How? Through a lot of self-exploration, many spiritual development programs and a LOT of help along the way from people who were willing to share their gifts and hold me in a safe space while I did the work. And, with deep gratitude, this is the kind of space I now want to create for you. Not because my own healing journey is complete (the work is never done), but because I want you along for the ride. 

Pictures: In 2009 vs 2021. I'm not sure if you can feel the difference in the energy, but I sure do!

How do I know you will feel the same level of growth through these practices? I don't. You must show up to this work ready to commit to yourself and with a desire to expand. You must set clear intentions for the direction you want your life to take. But, I have a feeling you are ready... even eager, for this. You can feel the energy shifting around you and are intuiting the next version of your life is right around the corner. So, while I can't make any guarantees, I know you are here reading this message, because you are ready. And I have so much faith in you.

If you are feeling called to level up with some spiritual healing courses online, go check out this video.

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