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Our Collaborators and Affiliates are incredibly talented people! The Welcome to the Temple store features products and offerings from these masterful beings! Also, handcrafted items from some of my favorite makers AND books and resources that I have found to be invaluable! Items will continue to be added and updated, so check back periodically and see what's new!

Keep Coming Intimacy Bundle


Luci Lampe is offering this incredible bundle. Keep the pleasurable experiences coming with these four courses & guides designed to help you awaken deeper pleasure within your body, discover new forms of erotic play, and unlock more passion and desire in your relationship, PLUS a powerful bonus course!



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Intro to British & Irish



Many of us feel disconnected from ancestral, earth-honouring traditions. We live in a world that seems to have no roots in ancient wisdom or nature connection. If you want to learn more about earth reverence practices from the perspective of ancient Britain & Ireland, then join Robyn Watt and other like-minded folk as we reclaim and revitalize our embodied connection to animism and culture. 

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This in-depth guide, created by Ashley Castro, will teach you everything you wish your mama would have taught you about sex, self love, relationships, boundaries, pleasure and so much more. 

  • Understand your body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • Release blocks and unlock your full pleasure potential
  • Know, advocate for, and communicate your desires & needs
  • Experience feeling fully orgasmic, juicy, lit up and turned on
Get Juiced!

Sage Stone Malas

Dryad Collection


One of my favorite collections from my former business, Sage Stone Malas, now owned and operated by the passionate and lively Kyla Videsjorden. 
 You will want to give yourself over to the playfulness of the Divine, allowing bliss and joy to accompany you on your journey. This collection feels like having your bare feet in the Earth, your head tipped back and your arms thrown out, allowing for spirit to enter and lift you up. 

Dryad Collection

The Four Directions and the Art of Building Sacred Space


With a few simple tools, you can begin working and weaving magic into your life and participate with the cosmos to create a life full of synchronicity and connection. It starts with you and your relationship to the elements of Air, Fire, Water and the Earth, aka the Four Directions. Come and learn the fundamentals of practical magic and initiate your study!

Learn the Art of Building Sacred Space



Healing from trauma and restoring vitality & coherence through a holistic, trauma centred approach utilizing therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Intensive Retreat in Nelson, BC

Soul Empowerment


(SRT) Session


SRT is a powerful healing technique that works with your subconscious mind by accessing your Akashic soul records to release energetic blockages that have accumulated over your past and present lives. These blocks have a negative impact on our spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing and interfere in our daily lives.

Soul Empowerment Sessions include combined modalities of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), High-Self coaching, and Channeled messages to guide your next quantum leap.

SRT with Elise Brathwaite

Five Day Breathwork Journey


Welcome home.  To this space, this moment, that exists right here, right now.  With the conscious awareness of breath, of energy, of life.

Caroline calls these 5 days of Breathwork together a Journey because this is not a static practice.  It requires your curiosity and interest in exploring further, and deeper within.  


5 Days of Breathwork

Yoga with Malina Dawn


Receive access to: 
Over 100 yoga classes 

  • 42 Vinyasa 
  • 10 Gentle Hatha
  • 15 Hatha 
  • 14 Restorative 
  • 21 Yin to Stillness
  • 6 Hips + Hammies

Like a Jedi Master 
7 Talks - about death, the yogic diet, the 5 ways spirit talks to you and more.. 

Meditations... and more!


Commit to the Practice

Astrology Foundations


-If you listen, you can hear the stars speaking to you-

This journey that sits before you will very simply change your life. Bodhi doesn't say this as a marketing technique or as a way to get you in, rather astrology has very profoundly changed his life. It has offered him a map guiding him back home into himself. It is the world behind our material world. This subtle world is so abstract, that we needed another language to grasp it, and Astrology is this language.

If you want to look at the essence that gives life to your incarnation, your personality, your partners, your work, your pain and pleasures, this course is for you.

Learn to Read Your Chart with Bodhi

Intuitive Readings


Lauren wants you to walk away from your session feeling in your power, clear and connected to the truth of your being as well as having a sense of direction and purpose about what you as a human and soul are here to offer the world and where it is you need to heal, love yourself through and course correct.

When you’re embodied and living from your own power and light, you feel immensely good about yourself and life and you radiate at a frequency that impacts everything you create and contribute to, including the people in your life.


Intuitive Readings with Lauren Aletta

Coaching with Derick Grant

Your session will be:


Your initial sessions will be dedicated to assessing your current thought processes and habits, as well as creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.


Everyone has energetic blockages when it comes to achieving their full potential. Derick will work closely with you to help identify and overcome your mental road blocks.


Reaching your full potential is a process of better understanding your inner world. Derick will guide you toward other helpful practices such as mindfulness training, shadow work, journaling and more.

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Towards Debt Free and Abundance as a Spiritual Path


In this FREE program, led by Marcus Fung, you'll learn about the problem with emotional budgeting, honouring limits, adulting, the power of our word, living within our means and restoring integrity and rebuilding infrastructure in our lives that support true abundance in all areas.


Live Abundantly!

Using the Voice to Transform

Pain and Suffering


In this program, led by Marcus Fung, you will heal, transform and better manage the experiences of suffering and pain your life through exploring a powerful vocal sound healing practice.


Transform Suffering with your Voice

Spanish Lessons 


You may not have known that our resident Estatic Dance instructor is also an experienced Spanish Language Teacher! Krista Mendez makes learning fun and pressure-free in her welcoming and interactive online classroom.



Learn Spanish Now!

Revolutionary Eros


Revolutionary Eros is a breakthrough 6-week course for couples ready to explore the intimacy and beauty of divine union through the art of erotic embodiment. 

Here's a brief overview of what we'll be exploring throughout these six weeks together...

-Foundations Of Erotic Awakening, Re-centering Eros With Self, Expanding Eros With Each Other, Reorienting The Erotic Self, Embodying Eros In Daily Life, Sacred Ritual + Acts Of Devotion

Launches Valentine's Day 2023!


Level Up in Divine Union

The Daily Joy Journal


What if feeling good was a priority?

Get Your Joy Journal Here!

Work with Dr. Leila


Through combining the technicality of medicine and the energy of connection, Dr.Leila creates and holds a powerful space of healing. 
Working towards a healing journey includes examination of a client's medicl history as well as building a willingess and courage to achieve their true health potential. 
Dr. Leila uses her medical training along with spiritual healing practices to ensure safety in an environment of deep compassion and respect for the client's voice and autonomy. Her work is immediately impactful as she uses practical and intuitive information to gain an understanding of a client's current health status.  this information forms the springboard from which your journey to tru health - a balance of the mind, body and soul - will begin. 


A Journey to Wellness

Men's Group Meet-up


Welcome to 2023 and the Brothers From Other Mothers Group.
This year Rodolfo and his group will be focusing on elevating ourselves to be the best men we can be. By actively doing the work each month to heal, evolve, support each other, and be stronger together.
Inspiration this year will come from two of Rodolfo's favorite books, the Way of the Superior Man by David Deida and The Spiritually Confident Man by Zeus Yiamouyiannis.
These books are must-reads for any Man that is wanting to step into true Masculinity and be better for themselves, their partners, their family, and their communities.
This month's focus will be on a Man's Way.
We will be working on getting our priorities straight for the year so we know where we need to focus our efforts. We will work on our purpose, our edges, love, and personal transformation.
This will be a great night to discuss, act, and support.


Dig Deeper with Alessandra Le Pera



This is for healers, mentors, connectors, coaches that want to lean into growing or refining a business, building/refining their offers, grow their impact and connection from an empowered space. 

This is for women that want to build a business that feels good to them. Sometimes this includes more structure, sometimes less, I’ll guide you through knowing what ‘rules’ to follow for yourself. That you honour and commit to because you want to, not have to or ‘should’.

This is for women that want to build THEIR own business model, that flows with their life and highest values.

This is not a program made for hustle culture, this is about building a biz that supports our nervous systems and the ebbs and flows of life.

There are 16+ trainings already in there and there are 4 live calls this round! 


Level Up your Business with Jen Anderson

The Joy Sessions On-Demand


The Joy Sessions On-Demand Program is about befriending the self and reconnecting with who you really are. 

It is for you if you are struggling with the stress of overwhelm and uncertainty and you are ready to refocus and realign. 

With meditation, strategic heart-based exercises and Joy Tools, you will be supported as you learn how to use The Joy Method™ to feel better and lead with love in your life and work.

This is an invitation to put intentional energy into yourself and your life and create sturdiness so that no matter what is happening around you, you can wake up to a life you love. 

Now is the time to ignite your inner Joy Warrior!


Align with Joy and wake up to a life you love!

Clean and Clear Meditation Journey


Join this in-person meditation with Rodolfo Menjivar in YEG!

We are going to start things off this year with Clearing out anything in our lives, and in our energetic fields, that no longer serves us. Anything that might hold us back from being the best and highest version of ourselves this year.

Many people are wanting to set goals, intention, and resolutions at this time of year and it is important that we clear out all that stuff that might hold us back from reaching new plateaus. 

Join us on the 31st at 7 PM MST, in West Edmonton, and let's clear all that out to give you a great shot of achieving all your aspirations for the year.

This journey is done on a donation basis. To register, fill out the form below and you will be sent all of the details for the 31st.

Dig Deeper with Alessandra Le Pera

The Seasonal Soul

by Lauren Aletta


Brimming with mystical practices and hundreds of evocative illustrations, The Seasonal Soul is an enchanting guide to self-discovery. Spiritual teacher Lauren Aletta takes readers through the metaphorical "seasons" of personal growth and illuminates the ways your springs, summers, autumns, and winters provide opportunities for insight, healing, transformation, and rejuvenation. Organized by season, the book is packed with enriching practices and advice, including self-care rituals, crystal and chakra guides, and journaling exercises. In an eye-catching, shimmery package with black dyed edges, this book is perfect for modern mystics and the spiritually curious.

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Spiritual Advising


Spiritual counseling and advising consists of ways to dig deeper into shadow work (the unhealed parts of us) in order to control anxiety, physical/mental/emotional/spiritual ailments, as well as to help free yourself from the deep traumas embedded in your cellular DNA. You may find yourself experiencing the similar heavy cycles and patterns throughout your life and not sure why this keeps on happening “to you”. This is where my work with you comes into play! We help to break those deep bonds and shift you into a state of freedom and love drawing you closer to the Divine!  I specialize in healing the inner child, which is often the root of the matter. I highly recommend booking a consultation before booking an advising session so that I can assess what your needs are and how I can most effectively help you!

Dig Deeper with Alessandra Le Pera


"One with the Knowledge of the Oak"

In this 7-week program, take a deep dive with Robyn Watt into what can be known from the historical and pre-historical sources about the Druids.Each week we study a different area of Druidic lore, and explore how we can implement ancient ways into our practice today.

Count Me In!

Vibrant Rising Session


An Initial Vibrant Rising™ session will give you a quick overview of why you are where you are with some tangible suggestions to get you to where you want to be. This session includes a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence Report and a simple plan to support you in rising vibrantly into your life. 

You will gain awareness and have the opportunity to make shifts and get the results you desire. 

Fasten your seatbelt. This is going to be fast and furiously fun!


Find Out Your Emotional Intelligence IQ!

One on One Fascial Manuevers


Spend an hour with Britt. Get a complete review of what is happening with your body. Find the missing piece or disconnect from Mind, Body, Soul. Based on your personalized consultation you will receive your own magical work through plan.


Unwind Your Fascia with Brittany!

Fullness of Your Sacred Temple


Discovering the Fullness of Your Sacred Temple through Mind, Body, Spirit & Sxxuality.

This online 8-week series is a transformational course & program, put together to expand your world and deepen consciousness in the wholeness of you; Mind, Body, Spirit & Sxxuality.

Each week, you will be taken on a journey of self discovery, adding to your tool belt in sacred practices, unraveling aspects of yourselves that no longer serve & unleashing your authentic, innate Power within.

Discover with Anne-Marie!

Joyful Being Sacred Fire


If you are an empathic working mom over 40, looking to replace chaos and overwhelm with joy and balance, Joyful Being Sacred Fire may be the answer you're looking for.

You might be thinking:

 Is it right for me?

 The program is specifically designed to put an end to feeling stuck, exhaustion, and guilt. It’s designed for people who’ve tried blogs, psychics, coaches, ‘fake it till you make it ‘and still haven’t been able to create healthy boundaries for self-care, and live their lives Joyfully.   When you apply, we’ll jump on a short call to figure out if it’s right for you or not.

There are 8 spaces left in the 2023 Sacred Fire Circle. To grab one of the remaining spaces, click the link.


Joyful Being Sacred Fire

300hr Breathwork Facilitator Training



Breath carries with it the vital energy of life. It is the first thing we do when we are born, and is our constant companion through this life.

Learning how to consciously tune into the Breath is essential to presence. And yet, this is only the beginning. The Breath also offers sacred power. The ability to immediately and powerfully alter our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience.

Our next Guided 300hr Breathwork Facilitator Training begins April 10th, 2023. We meet weekly on Tuesdays @ 12pm MST to deepen our understanding and to gain experience teaching.

Become a Breathwork Teacher

200hr Meditation Teacher Training



Whether you are a Wellness Professional wishing to expand your offerings or a Meditation enthusiast seeking to deepen your personal practice, you've come to the right place!

The 200 hr Online Meditation Teacher Training Program by InspirED Me is designed for anyone interested in deepening their practice of meditation and learning how to offer the gift of meditation to others. Whether you choose to teach a class, a retreat, your friends and family, or focus on personal development, Meditation Teacher Training is an opportunity to dive deeper into your understanding of awareness and to promote the cultivation of mindfulness in both your life and others.

Become a Meditation Teacher!