Belief #1


Community over competition!

Belief #2


When we work on ourselves, the benefits ripple out into the world, across space and time!

Belief #3


Abundance, in all forms, flows when it is shared. 


I'm Annie


Annie is a spiritual seeker, a success and wellness coach, a creator, a connector, a healer, a lover, a divine being, an empowered woman and a master manifestor! Annie has a passion for sharing, uplifting and empowering others into the most elevated and aligned versions of themselves!

Join her on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, incredible momentum and unapologetic confidence.


My Story


I have been walking a spiritual path for many years, always fascinated by and called to explore religion, faith and connection to something bigger. In 2015, I found myself really honing in on who I was as an individual and seeking more connection and fulfillment in my life, outside of my roles in career and family. 

What followed was years of self-discovery, spiritual exploration and, along the way, discovering a community of like-minded people ready to accept and support me, just as I was. I began to prioritize building a relationship with myself, my inner being, and the energy of the Universe. I studied modalities such as Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Crystal Healing and Circling while attending all the spiritual workshops and retreats I could find. 


Throughout these experiences, I encountered so many incredible people who were walking a similar path of expansion, people deeply immersed in the work and people just beginning to wake up to it. Those deeply immersed were so eager to share their lessons and tools for practice. And those at the beginning of their journey were so eager and curious to learn more. Fed by a deep desire to offer a connecting point for healers and seekers, Welcome to the Temple was born. Where the Temple resides in you. 

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"I often ask Annie questions because she offers a different perspective without judgement or expectation. I'm thankful to have her as part of my healing team!"

Rae P.

"Annie is the best cheerleader a person could ask for! Community over competition is something she lives by, and it shows in the way she consistently shows up for and supports others!"

 Jennifer A.