A Guide for Tuning In


Are you ready to start, renew, or deepen your spiritual practice in 2023? Do you feel to the call to invest in your personal development and commitment to well-being?

Welcome to the Temple. 

I am Ready!

The Format


Source is made up of 18 workshops allowing you to work-at-your-own-pace. Each module includes an interview between your host, Annie, and a collaborator selected for their expertise and ability to impart it. In each module, you will learn about a transformational practice or insight, why it is beneficial and how to incorporate it into your own practice. 

As a gift from our experts, each module will also include an exercise or a tool for you to use at home as part of your journey of self-discovery.


The Workshops


These lessons will cover many of the practices, modalities and insights that I have found most useful in my spiritual and self-development journey! They include meditation, breathwork, navigating relationships, gratitude, circling with others, holistic wellness, mindset, intuition, manifestation, dance, embodiment, joy, sexuality, flow state and MORE!

THIS SOUNDS LIKE MAGIC! (Spoiler Alert... it is!)


It’s Time To Love Yourself Again


Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

― Paul Coelho




A Journey Back to Self


Nearly a decade ago, I found myself in a failing relationship, facing single motherhood and working in a career that I had worked hard for, but detested. These roles of wife, mother and career woman had come to define me.  I felt unfulfilled, lost and like somehow I was failing myself. I knew life had more to offer, but I felt so stuck, it was difficult to see the path forward. In a perpetual state of misalignment, I eventually found myself in the midst of a painful divorce. While grieving the life I had been so committed to, I slowly began to realise that I had been given the gift of reimagining a new life  for myself. And I decided then that the next version would be more authentic, more connected and more fulfilling

Source: A Guide for Tuning In is, in truth, a gift I wish I could have given to my former self. It is a collection of all the impactful wisdom, life-altering practices and profound insights that I have collected over the last decade, that have contributed to me now living a life that feels truly aligned, deeply satisfying and so, so blessed.

Source: A Guide for Tuning In focuses on tapping into the source energy within. One's high self, the most unencumbered and aligned version, the essence of being, along with the universal source energy that resides in each of us.

This program is all about making YOURSELF the priority, getting curious and opening the door to more self-awareness and expansion.


Is this for me?


Yes, if you are ready to step in with an open mind and a desire to expand.

Yes, if you have a desire for more fulfillment in your life experience.

Yes, if you are pursuing radical self-discovery.    

Yes, if you are opening your heart to a relationship with yourself.

Yes, if you want more depth in your relationships with others.

Yes, if you are looking for more clarity on your life path.

Yes, if you are into expanding your perspective by connecting with experts, healers, light-workers and wisdom keepers.

Yes, if you are looking to add more tools to your spiritual/self-development toolbox.

Yes, if you want to grow your community and feel supported by like-minded people.

Yes, regardless of religion, gender, race or any other dimensions of identity. ALL ARE WELCOME AT THE TEMPLE!


Alignment and Expansion, please!

Dive In With 18 Experts and a Supportive Community!

Source: A Guide for Tuning In launches on January 2, 2023!  

Source: A Guide for Tuning In

$222 cad

Over $3000 in value!

  • 18 Workshops with  experts in their field
  • Tools and resources to use at home, gifted by the experts
  • Membership to the active Temple Community where you will find support, practice challenges, additional resources and content and GIVEAWAYS!
  • Enter to win prizes from Annie's favorite makers and healers
  • Value of over $3000, all in one place, conveniently packaged for you to experience from the comfort of home!


Meet our collaborators...


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I'm Annie


I have been walking a spiritual path for many years, always fascinated by and called to explore religion, faith and connection to something bigger. In 2015, I found myself really honing in on who I was as an individual and seeking more connection and fulfillment in my life, outside of my roles in career and family. 

What followed was years of self-discovery, spiritual exploration and, along the way, discovering a community of like-minded people ready to accept and support me, just as I was. I began to prioritize building a relationship with myself, my inner being, and the energy of the Universe. I studied modalities such as Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Crystal Healing and Circling while attending all the spiritual workshops and retreats I could find. 


Throughout these experiences, I encountered so many incredible people who were walking a similar path of expansion, people deeply immersed in the work and people just beginning to wake up to it. Those deeply immersed were so eager to share their lessons and tools for practice. And those at the beginning of their journey were so eager and curious to learn more. Fed by a deep desire to offer a connecting point for healers and seekers, Welcome to the Temple was born. Where the Temple resides in you. 

"I am definitely feeling very grateful for finding this program when I needed it most."

- Stephanie

"Thank you for helping me with my own practice and also helping to hold space and witness others in a healing and nonjudgmental way."



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