Source: A Guide for Tuning In


18 Workshops, all under the Temple roof, to be experienced from the comfort of your home.


Source: A Guide for Tuning In

$222 cad

  • Source: A Guide for Tuning In focuses on tapping into the source energy within. One's high self, the most unencumbered and aligned version, the essence of being, along with the universal source energy that resides in each of us.

    What you'll get:

    • 18 Lessons with recognized experts
    • Tools and resources to use at home, gifted by the experts
    • Membership to the active Temple Community where you will find support, connection, additional resources and content!
    • Enter to win prizes from Annie's favorite makers and healers
    • Value of over $3000, all in one place, conveniently packaged for you to experience from the comfort of home!
    • Topics spanning meditation, breathwork,  gratitude, rituals, shadow work, relationships, embodiment and MORE
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"And just like that, I’m calm and connected. Thank you."