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Aligned Action Alchemy.


Develop unshakable commitment to yourself so you never have to add another forgotten dream to your list again. 



Pillar 1

From Daunted to Disciplined

-Awaken the unshakable commitment within you which is currently blocking access to your full potential
-Dive deep into your aspirations, uncovering the essence of your "WHY" 
-Explore your limiting beliefs, and begin to reframe them, liberating your potential from the shackles of your own self-doubt
-Begin to create a practice of mindfulness and mastery

Pillar 2

Rise Up: Charting Your Course

-Design engaging practices that set the stage for optimal productivity, focus, and intention 
-Learn how to optimise your schedule to maximise productivity, both in home and work environments
-Attain a harmonious balance between career, family and self-development
-Embrace discomfort as a catalyst for growth and reprogram your brain to overcome challenges and obstacles with a sense of excitement and achievement

Pillar 3

Integration for LastingTransformation

-Reflect on our challenges and successes to identify areas for future growth
-Lock in lessons using somatic practices and neurolinguistic programming.
-Embark on a one-on-one grand goal setting masterplan, where we map out a vision for your future with clarity, purpose, and intention




You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. 


If you are a mature woman who is ready to:

  • Overcome self-doubt, re-wire beliefs and ignite motivation 
  • Cultivate self-worth and embody a growth mindset
  • Master the arts of discipline and productivity
  • Integrate powerful habits in order to sustain transformation 
  • Embrace discomfort and challenge as the keys to success
  • Integrate lessons and chart a purpose-driven course

Then Aligned Action Alchemy is for you!

From Annie:


Activate your full potential and have a solid support system helping you to maintain your commitment to yourself.



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