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Harnessing the Power of Crystals: Unveiling the Energetics of Gemstones

crystals manifestation rituals the woo you Jun 07, 2023
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In the vast expanse of the universe, there exist ancient treasures that resonate with mystical energy, the much beloved crystals. These remarkable gemstones, often believed to choose us as much as we choose them, possess a unique and captivating allure. From their extraordinary energetic properties to their transformative effects on our well-being, crystals have been cherished companions throughout human history. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of crystals, delving into their multifaceted uses in our lives.

The Resonance of Crystal Selection

Have you ever felt the pull to a certain crystal? I have not only felt this personally, but I have witnessed it time and time again, especially during my days as the owner of Sage Stone Malas. Customers would enter my market space, almost as through drawn by a magnet, and immediately pick something up. A gemstone bracelet or Mala, or a raw specimen on the table. They would cradle it in their hands, admiring it lovingly. But there was still so much to see, so they would place it back and continue to browse my creations. The magic was in this... 9 times out of 10, if they made a purchase, it included that first piece they picked up. The one that called them in, that drew them into my space.

When it comes to crystals, it is said that they possess a subtle ability to call out to us, drawing us closer with an intangible magnetism. Sometimes, we find ourselves inexplicably drawn to a specific crystal, feeling an unspoken connection that transcends rationality. It is during these moments that we are reminded of the profound wisdom held within the Earth's core, guiding us towards the exact crystal that resonates with our unique energetic signature. Trust this intuitive guidance, for the crystal that chooses you often holds the key to unlocking a hidden potential or supporting you in a current goal.

Crystals in Everyday Rituals

Beyond their aesthetic beauty, crystals can be integrated into various aspects of our lives, adding a touch of enchantment and heightened energy. One such avenue is crystal-infused elixirs for consuming, for skincare, for bathing and so much more, where the gentle vibrations of gemstones are harnessed to enhance the natural radiance of our being. By immersing crystals in purified water and allowing their energies to infuse, we create a nourishing elixir that revitalizes both the body and spirit. But please be mindful, as not all crystals are safe to put in water! Some will disintegrate and others will leech harmful minerals into your water. Do your research before creating crystal elixirs, to ensure the crystals you are choosing are safe!

Crystals also find their place in sacred rituals and spells, acting as conduits for intention and manifestation. Through the focused energy of crystals, we can amplify our desires, catalyzing positive change and aligning ourselves with the universal flow. Whether it is the gentle grace of rose quartz in matters of love or the transformative power of amethyst for spiritual growth, each crystal harbors a distinct vibrational frequency that can aid us on our metaphysical journey.

Personally, I love to use my crystals for creating infused moon water, which I will either drink or add to a bath. I also wear crystal jewelry on most days. I will often have a couple in my bra or my pocket, choosing stones that will support me in that day's journey. My most favorite way of working with my crystals, however, is crystal gridding...

The Magic of Crystal Gridding

For those seeking a deeper exploration of crystal energy, crystal gridding provides a fascinating avenue. By arranging an array of carefully selected crystals in geometric patterns, we create an intricate lattice that magnifies and harmonizes their individual vibrations. The grid serves as a platform for intention, empowering us to refine the energy we wish to work with and manifest our aspirations more effectively.

To take this practice to even greater heights, one can incorporate sacred geometry patterns into crystal gridding. Sacred geometric shapes such as the Flower of Life or Metatron's Cube hold ancient wisdom and resonate with divine proportions. By incorporating these patterns into our crystal grids, we unleash a powerful synergy, amplifying the energies and allowing for deeper spiritual connection and transformation.

If you'd like to explore this practice in more depth, join us for our June 14th Woo You Class with Kyla Videsjorden of Sage Stone Malas. We will be talking all things crystal gridding and you will be guided in creating your own!

Crystals, with their innate energetic properties, beckon us to explore the realms of higher consciousness and embrace the divine that surrounds us. As we journey alongside these mesmerizing gems, we unlock the potential within ourselves and align with the profound forces of the universe. Remember to listen to the whispers of crystals that choose you, for they are allies in your quest for spiritual growth and well-being. Whether it is through elixirs, rituals, or crystal gridding, you can reveal the extraordinary power of these earthly treasures if you apply your intentions.

Embrace the magic, and may your journey with crystals be filled with awe-inspiring wonders and infinite possibilities.

Here are some of my favorite book titles related to crystals and crystal gridding:

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons

The Book of Crystal Grids: A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Dreams by Philip Permutt

And if you are looking to get your hands on some crystal gridding supplies, look no further than Sage Stone Malas for a variety of grid styles and custom stone options! 

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