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To yourself. To others. To the Universe.

Hey there!

I'm Annie.

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Welcome to the Temple. Where theTemple resides in you.

It is my goal to connect you. Connect you to yourself. Connect you to mentors and teachers. Connect you to your loved ones. Connect you to a community. 

My courses will provide a pathway to more fulfillment, greater awareness, and tools and resources to enhance your practices at home. 


Sit inside theseTemple walls...


Welcome to the Temple. This is a place for transformation. A place to get curious about yourself and to find tools for self-discovery and expansion. A safe space to be held by a like-minded community. The Temple is a sacred space in which to sit in silence, to witness, to dig deep.

As you work within the Temple of your soul, you will feel the energy of spirit within you and be served with tools to strengthen and nurture that connection. When you join the Temple, you are on a path of investing in yourself, acknowledging and celebrating yourself as your greatest asset.

Welcome to the Temple offers resources, practices, rituals and support for spiritual growth and self-development. It introduces its followers to inspiring people, leaders, healers, light-workers and knowledge keepers with tools that can help support their journey.

Welcome to the Temple facilitates connection, mentor & mentee relationships, inspiration and evidence for the importance of this deeply personal work, all within a safe and sacred container.

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It’s about the journey, not the destination

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Learn from experts on a variety of modalities that help with tuning  in, healing trauma, connecting to source energy and becoming a more expansive and aligned being!

Tools and Resources

Get to know yourself. Turn inward. You will learn how to put these teachings into practice with tools and resources provided by the experts!

Private Community

Dive into a pool of like-minded people in our community forum. Connect, share insights and set up some coffee dates!

Work at your own pace with 18 Experts in Source: A Guide for Tuning In
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"Annie has a tranquil and calming nature and I always feel safe with her."

Marina P


"Annie puts her teachings into action and is a powerful facilitator."

Sara M.