Rediscovering Magic: Inner Child Healing with Kolby Andrade

Embark on a magical and playful journey of self-discovery and healing as we delve into the depths of our inner world to reconnect with our inner child. This workshop is designed to guide you on a transformative path of healing, nurturing, and childlike wonder. We will begin by going on a journey through guided visualization with a photo of yourself from childhood. Through this exercise, we will meet our inner child and engage in mindful journaling and inner dialogue. Expect to spark the innocence, playfulness, and joy that reside within your heart and soul.

Kolby is a Social Worker, Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Inner Child Healer, and dreamy intuitive. Born and raised in Massachusetts, USA, Kolby discovered her intuitive gifts at a young age. Kolby quickly learned that she could tune into the emotions and energies of others, and found solace in helping others heal themselves.   Passionate about healing through love and laughter, Kolby enjoys creating digital art and poetry from her heart space that inspires and sparks hope. When she's not holding space for others, Kolby enjoys divination, spending time with her cats, reading, and writing poetry.

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